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Just a reminderrr!

Tue, 01/24/2012 - 10:00PM by StephiDee 0 Comments -

For all of you who've added me on bloglovin, don't forget that I've changed to a wordpress hosted site!


Add me on bloglovin under my new URL, www.StephiDee.com


New Site

Tue, 08/09/2011 - 12:09PM by StephiDee 0 Comments -

Hey! I've moved! You may now visit me at www.StephiDee.com. Don't forget to add me on BlogLovin!


How to Make a Badass Resumé

Wed, 08/03/2011 - 10:02PM by StephiDee 0 Comments -

It’s likely that you’ve been taught all of the wrong rules about resumé writing. Did your teachers tell you to avoid injecting too much personality? Was it mentioned that you should list all your jobs starting with the most recent first? Were you told to never use any font other than Times New Roman?

All these rules are guaranteed to make sure you never get a job anywhere. Except for maybe Wendy’s or McDonalds. The times are tough, so it’s time to get tougher (and less bland). There are 3 simple rules to help you make a resumé worth reading.

Example #1

  • Personality


I’m not sure who decided that you should hide your personality from your perspective boss. Unless your hobbies involve things like hiding dead bodies, I’m sure you’re a lovely person and you should let all that is you shine through! In fact, even include a section in my resumés for a profile paragraph of who I am and another section for interests! You don’t necessarily have to go that far though. Even just using unique wording or certain design elements can help show your personality while also showcasing why you are perfect for the job.

From dzineblog.com

  • Tailoring


Tip: Always keep a list of past jobs and duties performed at said jobs. Another Tip: DO NOT just cut and paste them all into one document and send them off to prospective employers. One of the most important things you can do to help get your resumé noticed is to tailor it to each job application. Would you talk about all of your dog-walking experience when you’re applying for a position as an accountant? Probably not, so why would you include it in your resumé? Also, instead of listing your jobs in order of most recent down, list them in order of relevance to the position. (Side note: Don’t include the dates worked for past jobs, it will look silly when out of chronological order. Just make sure you can provide them upon request.)

When thinking about your personality in relation to a job application, do some company research. Are they looking for someone bubbly and personable? Mention your volunteer work with a local homeless shelter. Or are they looking for a late-night workhorse who will be spending a lot of time alone? Write about how independent you are. Put thought and effort into what you write on your resumé and your chances of landing an interview will skyrocket.


  • From neatorama.comDesign


The icing on the cake of delicious employment prospects! Design is an aspect of resumé writing that is overlooked far too often. I remember my high school teachers telling all of us to make sure our resumés were in Times New Roman, that all of our text was black, blah blah blah. While I do agree that design for resumés shouldn’t be so loud that it obscures the information it holds, nothing kills your chances like boring design!

You don’t have to use Times, but it is smart to use a Sans Serif or Serif font, not something cursive and illegible. Also refrain from using too many fonts. I like to make my headings one font and the content under another, bringing my total to 2 fonts. I’m also big on using color! Don’t be afraid, a little color goes a long way! I’m notorious for my pink headings. Feel free to experiment with other design elements such as borders, space, contrast and more. Just remember that whatever you do to make your resumé stand out also has to contribute to making it more user-friendly and appealing.

A Word on Cover Letters: You don’t want to write them, employers probably don’t want to read them. Often the most painfully boring part of someone’s resumé, cover letters are a chance to really shine! Why do you want to work for this company? Where did you hear about them? Why would you be the perfect addition to their team? You don’t have to gush about your love for their company, you don’t want to sound like you’re a suck up. Just be sincere, and hopefully they’ll take the time to look at your resumé.

Resumé Resources:

  • Gala Darling has a wonderful guide to resumé writing (also check out her resources)
  • Colored Envelopes! For jobs in which you still have to mail or present your resumé.
  • Press Kits, a neat idea whose format can be applied to resumés for certain jobs -
  • Having trouble writing your resumé content? Think of it as Personal Branding instead.


Bisous and Bonne Chance!

Stephi Dee

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Project Runway All Stars: My Dream Team

Mon, 07/25/2011 - 8:33PM by StephiDee 0 Comments -

So it’s not secret that the last few seasons of Project Runway haven’t really been awe-inducing. But fear not! Project Runway recently announced that it will be airing a season of Project Runway All-Stars later this summer, which will bring back contestants from previous seasons. HOW EXCITED ARE YOU?! I’ll answer that - very. After pondering this for a few weeks I’ve come up with my dream cast for the upcoming special season!

First and foremost, I’d love to revisit some Jay McCarroll. God I loved his designs! I know it’s unlikely because you know, he won and everything, but this is my dream, remember? He makes the most wonderful collections, they’re cohesive without ever being boring.

Another completely unlikely contestant, Christian Siriano. I know a lot of people who disliked him, but I definitely do not fall into that category! The sass, the designs, I loved it all! I felt like he had some serious flair and would love to see him and Jay duke it out.

Mondo Guerra is the only contestant since Season 4 to really capture my heart. If it isn’t obvious by now, I really love quirky looks. Mondo embodies that and some. I really loved his outlandish looks, and like most people am still incredibly bitter about his loss in the finale and would love to see him get another chance! Also, his style reminds me of Lexy over at Quirky Explosion.

Maybe I have a thing for hated characters, because I’d like to see Santino Rice added to this list too! While I can admit, he was kind of an asshole, and his looks could definitely be hit or miss, they were totally spot on when he was on a roll. Great sportswear designer.

Korto Momolu’s looks were sooo interesting. I like the way they merged African influence with modern designs and those of the past. Part cocktail, part dark age gown, part African goddess; her final collection blew me away. I especially loved her coat made out of seat belts! I would definitely wear it. She also has a way with knits, bestill my beating heart.

Last but not least, I really enjoyed April Johnston. While maybe she did need to mature a bit when it comes to her fashion taste, I felt that a lot of her looks were a breath of fresh air, even if they were repetitive at times. I also really enjoyed her personality, it was nice seeing someone so upbeat on the show.

Are you a Project Runway fan? Who would you pick for your Dream Team?


Stephi Dee


My First Caterversary! ... Or The Perks of Pet Adoption

Tue, 07/19/2011 - 2:56PM by StephiDee 0 Comments -

This post is a little belated due to the fact that the universe seems to want me to live without internet for the rest of my life, but here it is! July 10th of last year I got to meet my best friends in the whole world. It’s a bit sad, because I’m not even joking. I adopted Coco and Chanel from Illinois Valley Cat Taxi and we’ve been a big happy family ever since!

These guys are hysterical, I’ve never seen cats like them. Chanel likes to play games of fetch. Coco tries his best to groom anyone who sits within 5 feet of him. Even when they’re trying to ruin my life (Common nicknames include: Destruct-o-Cats and Dalek Cats) I can’t help but grin ear to ear when I look at them. Which brings me to the point of my post; Don’t buy pets, adopt them!

Save a Life

One of the biggest benefits of adopting is knowing that you helped to save a life. Approximately 4 million cats and dogs are put down each year due to overpopulation. And more than that die out on the streets. When you adopt a pet you save them from that fate and give them a warm home full of love! What’s better than knowing you did a good thing and finding a new friend? It’s a win-win for everyone.


Find the Perfect Pal

Another benefit to adopting is that you’re more likely to find a friend who is perfect for you. A lot of people buy from puppy stores or breeders because all they are considering in their decision is the appearance of a pet. While there’s nothing wrong with being in love with the way a Persian kitten or a Poodle puppy looks, there is so much more to finding a pet. Would you be friends with someone just because you like the way they dress? A lot of people have the misconception that they can’t find a pure-bred pet in a shelter, but around 25% of pets in shelters are pure-breeds! The added bonus is that on top of finding a pet you like visually, shelters also care about matching you up with pets that fit your lifestyle. Shelters will take into account that you really love how Golden Labs look, but if you hate exercise and the outdoors, they will try and steer you to a friend that will better suit your personality.


The key to the adoption process is patience. If you know what kind of pet you want, you will almost definitely be able to find it in a shelter. Fun Fact! Shelters usually have counseling services that can work with you to find what you want. Maybe your local shelter doesn’t have any Pomeranians. That doesn’t mean you have to go buy one from a breeder. Talk to the staff and tell them what you are looking for. They will take down your information and keep an eye out for pets that match what you are looking for and forward the information to you. Neat, huh?

Support the Right People

One of the best things about adopting a pet is being able to give money to people that deserve it. Rather than supporting a puppy mill that profits off of animal cruelty, you are providing a non-profit with the funds to save more pets in need of loving homes. Hurray! You can even adopt more than dogs or cats at shelters, there are rescues for reptiles, birds, and small mammals as well!


My Story

I adopted my kittens from Illinois Valley Cat Taxi (IVCT). It was an absolutely wonderful experience and I highly recommend adopting from them, even if you don’t live in their area. They are a wonderful non-profit staffed with some of the sweetest people. On top of finding good homes for friendly cats (and roosters, dogs, and whatever other animals come their way), they even help find homes for feral cats at barns! IVCT supports and practices TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release), a humane way to control overpopulation. They take stray cats, usually found in large colonies, and then spay/neuter them before releasing them. Feral kittens are adoptable, so IVCT takes them in and socializes them so they can be taken into loving homes. On top of all the wonderful work they do, IVCT has so much love for the animals they help! This was one of the biggest factors for my deciding to adopt from them. I loved how much they wrote about each cat’s personality and the names they gave to their kittens (there was a LOST themed batch of kittens, some Muppets, a pair names Dolce & Gabbana). You could really feel just how much they cared and it is a wonderful feeling getting to support them. So if you happen to read this IVCT, thank you so much for connecting me to my goofy little kittens, it has been a wonderful journey. (Ending note: Check them out on Facebook. It's so great to hear all their heartwarming adoption stories!)

Coco Bean is really chatty!

Do you have any wonderful adoption tales? Please Share!


Stephi Dee



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